bsc media

BSC Media Graphics and Animations

Eligibility Criteria for Admission

Any candidate who has successfully completed a 12th level of schooling (10+2) from a statutory board that is HSC or equivalent from any stream of subject is eligible for admission. OR Any candidate who is at least 18 years of age AND has successfully completed 10th level of schooling from statutory board in any subject stream AND has successfully completed the Preparatory programme for graduation from YCMOU or equivalent is also eligible for admission. OR Art Teacher Diploma of Directorate of Art Maharashtra State passed students is also eligible for admission to First year OR 3 year Diploma passed of MS Board of Technical Education as per Govt. rule.

Direct Admission to Second Year B.Sc. (MGA)

As per the rules for direct admission to second year, the following table which is self explanatory is to be used.

Subjects Code Subjects Credits Points
1st Year
BMG 101 Introduction to Computers & Internet (Th) 04
BMG 102 Drawing and Sketching (Th) 04
BMG 103 Color Theory (Th) 04
BMG 104 Typography (Th)) 04
BMG 105 Computer Graphics Part1: Adobe Photoshop (Th + Pr) ) 06
BMG 106 Computer Graphics Part2 : Adobe Illustrator (Th + Pr) 06
BMG 107 Technical and Creative Writing (Th) 04
BMG 108 Introduction to Multimedia and its Application (Th) 04
BMG 109 Developing Presentations (Th) 04
BMG 110 Design Principles (Th) 04
BMG 111 Print Media Part1 : Coral Draw (Th + Pr) 06
BMG 112 Print Media Part2 : Quark Express (Th+ Pr)

Credit Point for First Year



Subjects Code Subjects Credits Points
2nd Year
BMG 201 Introduction to Web Development (Th) 04
BMG 202 HTML (Th) 04
BMG 203 Computer Animation : Introduction to Flash (Th) 04
BMG 204 Content Digitization (Th) 04
BMG 205 Content Authoring on Web using Macromedia Dreamweaver (Th + Pr) 06
BMG 206 Developing Dynamic Web Pages using Java and VB Scripts (Th) 04
BMG 207 Video-Production Basics (Th) 04
BMG 208 Story Boarding (Th) 04
BMG 209 Visual Communication (Th) 04
BMG 210 Audio-Editing: Sound Forge (Th + Pr) 06
BMG 211 Video-Editing: Adobe Premier (Th + Pr) 06
BMG 212 Advance Video Effects (Th)

Credit Point for Second Year



Subjects Code Subjects Credits Points
2nd Year
BMG 301 Animation Principles (Th) 04
BMG 302 Introduction to Maya (Th+Pr) 06
BMG 303 Character Set up and Animation in Maya (Th) 04
BMG 304 Advanced Maya (Th+Pr) 06
BMG 305 Introduction to 3DS max (Th+Pr) 06
BMG 306 Advanced 3ds max (Th+Pr) 06
BMG 307 Character Animations (Th) 04
BMG 308 CG Film making (Th) 04
BMG 309 Project Work (Prj) 06
BMG 310 Environment Science (Th)

Credit Point for Third Year